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  • Bury CC 9068
    The Bury CC9068 Bluetooth hard-wired in-car kit eliminates the need for users to touch a handset or in-car kit while driving.

    Its Magic Word feature puts the unit in sleep mode while continuously listening for the command ‘activate voice dial’. On command, users receive a response via a menu and voice request awaiting instructions. From this point on the user is offered a wide range of menu-driven options including name dial, number dial, access phonebook, view missed/received/dialled calls, multipoint, vocal email read from Blackberry handset, and two types of memo.

    The Sync feature allows the pairing of 10 separate handsets. Without prompting, the in-car kit will read phonebook entries straight from the handset and turn them into voice.

    The transfer rate is fast regardless of whether the user has 10 or 1000 contacts. For contacts with three or more phone numbers, the unit prompts for the location required, such as home, mobile or office. Alternatively, users can sa
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